Another Fathers Day is now over

Well, Fathers day is over for another year.  The wind stopped and the bbq was cooked by one of my boys.  Instead of socks and after-shave, I got a slab of crownies (a box of 24 bottles of Crown Lager – nectar of the gods), a bottle of Black Douglas Premium and a box of chocolates.  I don’t know if they are trying to get me drunk or fat.  I’m already one of them, so I might as well have another drink.

It’s quiet here now, after the laughter and silly smalltalk – I do miss everyone being around.  At one stage, I couldn’t wait for them to leave.  Now they’ve left, I miss them always being under my feet.  Still, that’s the nature of things and we all travel our own road.  That’s me in the picture above, traveling down the road of time.


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  1. Hey! Well you got socks/aftershave for so long, now we can buy you alcohol 😛 nah seriously you’re tricky to buy for, is there anything you can think of that you would like for xmas/bday?

    Glad managed to get us all over for dinner, i thought it turned out good 🙂

    Yep but we were kids, we’re meant to be annoying 😛 but not kids anymore 🙁 if you want to just hang and watch a movie sometimes happy to do something 😀

    Love you dad!

  2. Thanks Erin

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