A Gift For You

Everybody likes something for free. I know I do. For many years I have been quietly accumulating a number of still and animated gif files from all over the internet. Many people have commented on them when I have used them in my blog posts, especially the beer drinking smiley.

So now is your chance to have a sample of my collection for free – no strings attached – no need to give me an email address – no nothing. In short – it’s FREE.

All you have to do is download the zip file containing the gifs here or from the sidebar on the right.

I’ve not done much with them except to collect them into a folder and zip them up, so you will have to work out what to do with them yourself. If you open them in your favourite web browser, they should play properly if they are animated. Some of them are not, so don’t expect too much. Please note that these were all aquired for free and are in the public domain. I have a great deal more that are copyrighted and I cannot give these away.

The file has been checked for viruses with Avast! Internet Security v6.0.1367 on my computer and ClamAV on my web host.

Anyway, have fun with them and please let me know what you think of them.


6 Responses to “A Gift For You”

  1. Thanks for that Don, they will come in useful on a new project I have planned.


  2. Hmmm… A new project, eh? It seems like you are on a roll here. How did the download go? No problems? I’ll be adding more stuff soon and want to make sure everything is okay.


  3. Hi Don

    The smilies have downloaded OK but do you know how to get them to work when I put them in an email or document? I have tried copy and paste and they do appear but they are not animated. As you can see Don I am not the best on techie matters.

    As for the new project, it’s not a commercial one. Despite closing my IM MC blog, I have decided to try and grow an audience away from the MC blogs (but hopefully still keeping the few regular commentators) with 2 separate blogs. One is a jazz blog which is now live http://swingjazzgreats.wordpress.com/ and the other will be similar to my old blog i.e. a touch of humour, topical, political, rants etc.

    They are both free WordPress.com blogs and the only downside is they don’t allow plugins or advertising.

    Bill Murney recently posted..Teddy WilsonMy Profile

  4. Hi Bill,

    Some email clients will display them automatically and others will not. For instance, MS Outlook 2003 will animate them but Outlook 2007 will not. It appears that Micro$oft has deemed that it is too risky, security-wise, to animated gifs and has blocked them in its Office products. As far as other applications go, such as Open Office, I am not sure. They animate in just about every web browser.


  5. Haha, Don, that’s great. For kicks, why not upload them all and display them on one giant white back drop. It’d be like a flash back to Web 1.0 and the old angelfire personal website days.
    Geoffrey Hale recently posted..Taking NotesMy Profile

  6. Hi Geoffrey,

    I suppose I could build a page and put all the animated icons on it. That’s something to do in my “spare time”


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