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The Don Maisey Blog Has Moved

Well,  after many frustrating attempts, my blog has now moved to it’s new location.  I told you it wasn’t moving far, just to a subdirectory.  My main site will be up and running just as soon as I am sure this blog is working correctly and I finish the initial content for the main page.  […]


The Don Maisey Blog Is Moving

Yes, The Don Maisey Blog is moving.  I’m not moving far, just to a new location to allow for expansion of my main site into other areas.  No doubt this will break all my links both in and out, so please be patient with me as I make the change.  After I’ve moved, the main […]


Has Anybody Got A Spare Ark?

Has anybody got a spare ark I can borrow? I will probably only need it for 40 days and 40 nights. After that, if you haven’t been washed away, you can have it back. Fair dinkum, it’s been raining here for so long even the ducks have taken shelter.   The weather bureau has stopped saying […]