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Eagle Rock

I’m just sitting here with my ear-phones on listening to Ross Wilson and Daddy Cool doin’ the Eagle Rock.  Heh, heh, heh, good old eagle rock… it’s a great song.  – just a minute – I might wind that back – and do it all over again.  Not bad for a song played mainly in […]


Cricket Round 2 – The Weather Knows…

Another one-day game and I arrive at the ground, get my umbrella out and watch the rain.  I swear, the weather knows when it is Cricket Season and it knows that we play on Saturdays. After waiting around for hours, it stops raining.  The ground is so well drained that it is playable almost immediately.  […]


Cricket Round 1 – The Joys Of Umpiring

Well, round 1 of the cricket season was on the Saturday of the October long weekend.  Daylight savings started on the Sunday.  So, what normally happens?  Let’s see, holiday, daylight savings, cricket – ah yes, it rains.  But it rains just a little so that we can get most of the day’s play in.  However, […]